Thieves Guild

The Thieves Guild is a unified group of the more unscrupulous sort. A large branching crime cartel that has branches in Kvolt, Serna and Morvia, the Thieves guild runs all the criminal activity in these three countries, and does not look kindly to those who would attempt to move in on their territory.


The Thieves Guild functions as a council driven oligarchy, with the Thief Princes of each branch working with the others to control all of the criminal elements in their given country. Each country has their own prince, but very rarely will they have two or three, given the nature of their business.

Most branches of the guild are structured as follows:

Rank Job
Prince Head of the Guild branch
Lieutenant Second in command of the branch, often a Prince to be
Accountant Master of Funds and the Prince’s books
Runner Runs messages from Prince to Prince
Enforcer Enforces the rules of the Guild, collects protection/eliminates competition
New Meat New members of the Guild

Thieves Guild

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