Kvolt is a military monarchy located on the south eastern edge of the continent of Ilsvar.


Kvolt was founded in 2315 B.I.C. by a tribe of humans pushed south out of Tredare, then called Northland, by the growing dwarven and Goliath alliance.

Kvolt quickly secured its northern boarder with a barrier wall to hold against any future northern invasion. Shortly after, a small portion of the tribe split off from the new nation to colonize what would later become Morvia, while another expedition went on to establish Serna. The Sernian and Kvolten tribes did not get along, leading to a series of wars that are still hard fought today.


Kvolt is a military monarchy, the royal family all have an equivalent military rank due their station, and officer ranks are usually hereditary. The officer ranks are as follows:

Rank Title
King-General King
Prince-General Prince
Marshal Earl
General Duke
Colonel Baron
Major Sir(Knight of the Court)
Lieutenant Sir(Knight of the Land)

Enlisted members fall under the orders of the Commissariat. The Commissariat is run by the Commissar Commandant, who reports directly to the King-General. The Commandant holds a rank equal to that of the Prince-General, and in the event that the King-General does not have an heir, he is the seconds in line for the throne.

Enlisted ranks are as follows:

Rank Title/Profession
Commissar Commandant Freeman/Head of the Commissariat
Commissar Commander Freeman/Second in command of the Commissariat
Commissar Freeman/Head of a Platoon
Commissar Cadet Freeman/Head of a Squad, in training for command of a Platoon
Captain Freeman/Head of a Squad
Sergeant Freeman/Second in command of a Squad
Private Conscript, Freeman/Rank and File

Often the Commissars and Officers of a platoon or army will butt heads in regards to troop discipline and morale, the Commissar in command of a platoon is in charge of his troops’ discipline, and will not hesitate to reward or punish the troops under his command, even if it means they are unfit for battle. Officers will often try to dismiss Commissars, but doing so requires that they petition the King-General for their removal.

In order for men to hold land or own their own business, they must first serve two to four years in the Kvolten army. Those who chose not to may be conscripted during a time of war, regardless of their age or health, and can only hold menial labor jobs and own no deeded property.

Crime and Justice

Kvolt is one of the few cities that has an active Thieves Guild. The guild in Kvolt is run by the Drow Thief Prince Haelirin. The guild is allowed free reign of the docks and some business in the lesser parts of the city proper, but they are not allowed to ply their trade in the military district or highborn parts of town.

The Kvolten justice system is a military tribunal run by the Commissariat. The Commissariat provides guards to police the city streets, and any criminals they capture are detained in the military district’s stockade. From there, they are placed before a full military tribunal, usually consisting of a Colonel, Major and Commissar. If found guilty, the sentence is carried out swiftly, usually within the hour of their sentencing.


Up until the secular revolt of 2327 I.C.E. the Kingdom of Kvolt worshiped Pelor, St. Cuthbert, and Bahamut openly, with pockets of Tiamat and Asmodanian cults as well.

However, in 2327 I.C.E. the King-General <insert name="true"> declared a secular revolt in Kvolt, and enacted martial law, forcing the religions (both good and evil) out of the city on pain of death. He had the temple district converted into universities, in order to promote rational thought and logical reasoning.


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