The Commissariat is a special branch of service in the Kvolten military. It is separate from the officer ranks and as a selective martial orders only elect those who display the proper temperament and skill set to be a Commissar.

The Commissariat Academy

The Academy is located at the heart of the military district attached to the Commissariat itself. In order to be admitted to the Academy a candidate must first have served at least two years in the army, been honored for valor at least once, and have a letter of recommendation from their platoon Commissar.

Once admitted to the Academy the candidate is tested for psychological temperament and physical prowess. If they pass both tests they are fully admitted into the Academy as a Cadet. Once elected as a Cadet they must train both physically and mentally (and in the case of magic users selected by the Academy magically), for the first two years of their term at the Academy. Once they being their third year, they are placed under the mentor-ship of a Commissar, who teaches them until their fourth year, when they are given their first squad to lead. After a year of leading the squad, they are evaluated one last time psychologically before being promoted to a full ranked Commissar.

Commissars and Officers

Commissars for the most part cannot stand officers. While the officers command battalions and armies, Commissars command platoons, and therefore consider themselves closer to the battle. Many Commissars come from common stations, as all officer ranks are hereditary, very few officers will attempt to enter the Commissariat, seeing it as below their station. There have been some few exceptions, but they are notoriously few and far between.

The only officers Commissars have been known to tolerate on the field are Lieutenants, due to them being Knights of the Land and therefore not landed gentry. Knights of the Land tend to befriend Commissars readily, as the Commissariat is the favored branch of the King-General.


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