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  • Battle of the Red Fort

    The party began in [[Kvolt]], they spoke with the Commissar [[:Valethin]]. He told them of the recent sightings of the Dragonborn Paladin they had been looking for named [[:Mordrin]]. He asked them to try and bring the Thanes of [[Tredare]] onto Kvolt's …

  • Kvolt

    [[Kvolt]] Kvolt is a military monarchy located on the south eastern edge of the continent of [[Ilsvar]]. h4. Founding Kvolt was founded in 2315 B.I.C. by a tribe of humans pushed south out of [[Tredare]], then called Northland, by the growing …

  • Pandrus

    Pandrus is an earth sized planet made up of three continents: [[Ilsvar]], [[Mordant]] and [[Kifsarth]].

  • Ilsvar

    Ilsvar is home to the Kingdom of [[Kvolt]], Empire of [[Serna]], Principality of [[Morvia]] and the barbarous region of [[Tredare]].

  • Serna

    The Empire of Serna is a country located on the Northeast portion of the the continent of [[Islvar | Islvar]]. h4.

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