Blood of Innocence

Chapter 4 - Battle of the Red Fort

The party began in Kvolt, they spoke with the Commissar Content Not Found: Valethin_. He told them of the recent sightings of the Dragonborn Paladin they had been looking for named _Content Not Found: Mordrin. He asked them to try and bring the Thanes of Tredare onto Kvolt’s side.

The party arrived at the boarder of Kvolt and Tredare. There they met two Commissariat agents who escorted them trough an abandoned mine into Tredare. The mine was not completely abandoned and they tracked a group of dwarves to their king’s throne. They killed the dwarves and looted their new technology – firearms.

They arrived in Content Not Found: Atlas_’ village and were greeted with much pomp and circumstance. They were invited to feast in honor of the upcoming battle against Atlas’ brother _Content Not Found: Grinner. They were drugged and captured, they escaped and freed Atlas from his wife’s treachery.



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